Welcome to LEW Castings

LEW manufacture ferrous and non-ferrous sandcastings and diecastings in aluminium, aluminium bronze and zinc alloys.

By supplying castings in a wide range of materials and using a diverse range of processes, LEW are able to provide impartial advice on the most suitable materials and manufacturing process to suit a customer’s needs.

We pride ourselves on the service we provide to our customers and, at all times, endeavour to build long term relationships based on mutual respect making working with us a pleasurable experience.

We even go so far as sourcing castings from other foundries in the U.K., Europe or further afield if we are unable to manufacture them ourselves.

What our customers say...

Photocast Products of Liverpool are a company who specialise in high quality architectural signage. Working closely with LEW we can now produce a quality casting which has allowed us to compete successfully in this very specialist market. The graphic content in our pattern making has increased and this has constantly pushed LEW's casting expertise and so far, we have never been disappointed.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with LEW, knowing that their enthusiasm can only  improve our range of products.

Anthony McCullagh - Managing Director, Photocast Products

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